Pink Bag Update - August 2019

Hello to all Pink Baggers,

Larry Morris has just completed the dreaded double…. after winning back to back Wednesday Pink Bags.

Two of our Pink Bag members, Brendan Kronk and Adam Goldsmith played so poorly the other week they felt guilty and paid a $10 fine even though someone trumped their scores, we love the sportsmanship boys!

New club and pink bag member, Mark Nash has got his membership off to a great start with a win in on of his first competitions, well done Mark! Another member to get the monkey off his back was fancy pants, Jody Richardson. Notable mention must also go to Rowan Shipley with his first win of the season.

Meanwhile Gavin Janetzki and Michael Hanson keep knocking down the door, trying to win the bag but avoiding it by the skin of their golf balls.

Geoff Rees, one of the major sponsors of the pink bag, arrived fresh off a spell with a brand new set of clubs. Unfortunately for Geoff, he either needs a longer spell or more new clubs, as he won the bag in his first round back.

That is it for this month, remember to give your prostate the finger!