Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After I send in my Application Form what is the process from then?



We pride ourselves on processing our membership applications within a few days. our Membership team will usually be back to you within 24-48 hours.

We will be in contact with a welcome letter explaining the waiting list process, as well as your invoice to secure your position on the waiting list

Your membership will then go to the Board of Directors at their monthly meeting for approval. Once approved, our staff will be in contact with you to let you know that you have been accepted and email you with an official welcome letter and payment options




How much to play in competitions at Carbrook?




We have competitions and the appropriate fee on the following days:

Monday – $13

Tuesday (Ladies only) – $13

Wednesday – $15

Thursday – Veterans  – $13

Friday – 9 hole competition (subject to other commitments) – $5

Saturday – $15

Sunday – $15


When you arrive and register with our Pro Shop staff you will simply pay the appropriate competition fee in exchange for your scorecard. The staff will register you into the competition for the day.



What is it like getting a game on Sunday mornings?

At Carbrook Golf Club we prioritise Social Clubs and Public players on Sunday mornings. The reason we do this is to generate green fee revenues that assist our Club in keeping our membership fees as low as possible. Members may access the timesheets from 2 weeks out subject to availability. It can often be difficult to access a time and there are no guarantees as this is our busiest period of the week.

What are Fridays like at Carbrook?

At Carbrook we keep our Fridays available for Corporate and Charity Golf Days. This is an important revenue stream for the Club to keep our membership fees as low as possible. When we have a morning Corporate Day the afternoons will be open for members and social play. When the private event is an afternoon event there will usually be some limited times in the mornings.

Therefore if Fridays are important to you then we like to be upfront and let you know that there are quite a few of these affected throughout the year.

What happens if I don't know anyone when I join? Can you help get me started?



The good news is it won’t be long until you have met some new friends at Carbrook, as our members are very welcoming and friendly. Just put your name down in a group on the timesheet and our proshop staff will introduce you to the group before you tee off.


Can you explain what happens with the monthly payment options?

Once we have received your monthly payment forms, we will process 1 month installment and the annual admin fee of $45 (Direct Debit) or $60 (Credit Card) in your first payment.

Following the initial payment, we run our Monthly Payments on the 1st of each month (or the first business day if its a weekend).

If you do opt for monthly payments when yearly subscriptions come around you won’t have to do a thing! We will just roll over into the new year (note the first installment of the year includes the annual admin fee).

If you did want to cancel your membership at the end of the year, we just require notice in writing (email is fine) and we will cease any further payments.





When does Carbrook's membership year start and end, and what happens when I join mid-year?


Our membership year is the 1st October to 30th September.

If you join mid-year we work off a pro-rata basis so you will just have to pay for the months remaining in the year.

For Example if you joined at the start of January you will pay for 9 months or 3/4 of the annual fee.





To be eligible for the Championship events at the Club what do I need to do?



To be able to win our Championship events you must be a one of the following categories:

  • 7 Day (Ordinary)
  • Intermediate 1
  • Junior
  • Life
  • Corporate

If you are not one of these members you can still compete in this events and play for daily prizes, you just cannot win the overall Championship event.

A full listing of our Championship Conditions (Rules) is available on our website

How do I get my handicap if I have never had one or was a member of a club in the past?


If you had a handicap already that was listed on GolfLink at any previous Golf Club this will be transferred across to Carbrook on the same handicap you held previously.

If you do not have a handicap you will need to play 3 rounds of 18 holes (can be played at any course), or 6 rounds of 9 holes or any combination of 9 and 18 holes to get to 54 holes, and return these cards to our Pro Shop or office. This will allow us to issue with an official GA (Golf Australia) handicap.

In the case you held a handicap many years ago and haven’t played for a long time, or have had an injury or health issues that affects your playing ability, then we have the ability to re-assess your handicap but we will need a minimum of 3 x 18 holes to be able to do this.


How do I make a booking?


Whether you are playing socially or competition, at 6:30 am or 4:30 pm we require everyone to book in for their game. This ensures you arrive with certainty you can get a game and helps us manage our players on the course.


To book in we have an app and the club website that you can use to book your game online, or if you are a little old school, you can just call the Pro Shop (07 3287 6499 – option 1)and they will book your game for you.

Can I book a cart online?

Yes our members can easily add a cart to their booking when using the app or our members website.

Do my guests receive a better rate if they are playing with me as a member?



Yes, we do offer Member’s Guest rates so you can show off your course to your friends, which are outlined below:

MondayFriday – $35

Sunday – $40

Twilight after 2pm Midweek (3:15pm Weekend): $30

note – These rates are subject to change.