Survey Results - what you told us



Our 2018 Member survey has now closed and we would like to provide a summary to the members so you know what you have told us.  


A quick snapshot of the survey

  • We had 364 respondents (approx. 42% of our membership)
  • It contained 37 questions
  • Average time to complete was 12 minutes and 11 seconds


 What you told us:


Entire Experience of our Club

  1. The members rate the entire Carbrook Golf Club experience 4.16 stars (out of 5)
  2. The Veterans gave the entire experience 4.31
  3. The ladies rated the entire experience at 4.28



Percentage of golf at Carbrook

90% of our members play 80% of more of their golf at Carbrook


Pace of Play

  1. The members overall rate the pace of play at 3.68 stars
  2. The Veterans rate the pace of play at 3.88 stars
  3. 5 day members rate the pace of play at 3.9 stars
  4. 7 day members rate the pace of play the lowest at 3.55 stars no doubt due to Saturday competitions with Blue tees and the biggest fields.



  1. The most popular is still a Stableford
  2. The least popular events for 7day members are 4 Ball Ambrose, Gentsomes and Elimination Ambrose
  3. Approximately 50% of our members don’t care what comp is on – they just turn up and play
  4. 83% of our members feel that the prizes we offer are in line with their expectations or don’t care either way (17% think they are not enough)
  5. 28% of our members are interested in online registration for Match Play with another 45% responding “maybe – I’ll wait and see”
  6. Ladies find Stroke and Four-Ball Stableford as the events they try to avoid the most



  1. The Members’ favourite part of our technology is the scoring and leaderboards
  2. Ladies rate the card scanning as their favourite technology 
Card scanning is the Ladies favourite technology 


Golf Course

  1. The members overall rating of the course is 4.13 stars (out of 5)
  2. The Vets rate the course at 4.37 stars
  3. The Ladies rate the course at 4.48 stars
  4. Our Google Review is 4.5 stars as a comparison


Areas of the Course

  1. The Members rate the greens the best closely followed by the fairways as the best parts of our course
  2. Pathways and tees are the worst areas
  3. The ladies favourite part of the course is the gardens at 4.38 stars


Favourite Holes

The 15th hole remains our members favourite hole


Least Favourite Holes

  1. The 14th hole is the overall members least favourite hole
  2. The 11th hole is the Vets and Ladies least favourite hole



  1. The members rate the newsletter as our best communication tool
  2. The website and the screens in the clubhouse are also highly rated as communication mediums


Appearance of Club

  1. The toilets are now are highest rated area of the Club with 4.19 stars
  2. The Car Park is the worst rated area of the Club with 3.26 stars
  3. The Bar Area is the second worst area with 3.33 stars


Food Offering

  1. The BBQ food is reasonably popular
  2. The bistro food both quality and variety is rated significantly lower and needs improvement.


Your input into the Club is valuable and it will help us steer our decision making over the coming 12-24 months. It will also give us some benchmarks to work towards ato measure our performance the next time we survey the members. 


Thank you for your time and contribution. 


Scott Wagstaff

General Manager