Refer a Member and earn Loyalty Points

We see our members as our ambassadors of the Club and the best people to spread the word about what makes Carbrook such a great place to be a member. 

Our referall program which is ongoing sees members receive an instant Loyalty Points bonus each time a new member joins thanks to the referall from a member. All the new member needs to do is let us know on the application form if a member introduced them. 


The following bonuses apply:

7 day member - 7500 points 

6 day member - 6000 points

5 day member - 5000 points

Intermediate 1 & 2 - 4000 points 


With our new member special on offer it is a great time to encourage someone to join the club. It could certainly be worth your while...


Contact Angus for your best approach to membership.....sensational!!