Pink Bag Update - September 2019



Hello to all Pink Baggers,


Well the year is drawing to a close very quickly and our Pink Bag day is fast approaching. The annual Pink Bag Golf Day will be held on November 22nd and this year we will have a $10,000 Hole in One prize on the 14th Hole.


There are still 12 Pink Bag Shirts left in the proshop, so please if you are thinking of buying one for you or a friend, see the staff in the proshop.


I noticed Ross Burge is back from holidays with a stellar 19 points on Wednesday. Ray Lanham has also shown some poor form lately, meanwhile Adam Goldsmith had a dummy spit and was fined $20 for not finishing.



Mark Gordon showed some Olympic Diving skills as he leapt into the 1st creek looking for his ball...




The gold coin donation tin could do with some of your spare coins, so please don't forget to donate when you play.


That is it for this month, enjoy the fantastic weather and more importantly, your golf!


Remember to give your prostate the finger!