Pink Bag Update - May 2019



Hello to all Pink Baggers........


We have had a couple of new winners lately in the Pink Bag. Soon Kang happened to be one of them, even though he did win Shark Lake Challenge only a week later! Last year's winner, Peter Hall also showed some of last years fine form to capture another win!



Last Saturday people pulled out due to the heavy rain and although this is not a $20 fine, a few players donated $5 for not finishing anyway. Thank you to those people, it all does towards a great cause!


There are only 15 Pink Bag Club Shirts left in the proshop and we need to sell them ASAP. If the proshop doesn't have the size you require, just let them know and we can arrange the size you require, this includes the ladies as well. 


Remember you don't have to be a member of the Pink Bag Club to buy a shirt. 


The gold coin donation tin located on the Right side of the board has not been doing so well for the last few months, if you could please remember to put your donation in when you play, that would be greatyly appreciated.


It is also nice to see James Wirth back at the club and more importantly in the Pink Bag Club after a few years away, welcome back James! Our total membership is now 134 players!


That is it for this month, Remember to give your prostate the finger!