Pink Bag Update - March 2019



Hello to all Pink Baggers. 


We recently received a letter of thanks from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of  Australia, to view this letter please click here


Here are some of the Pink Bag Winners from February

        Barry James           Paul (Zeddie) Zahner                Hans Jebbink


A special mention must go to Brad Miles, winner on the 23rd February. Your score of 15 points made a lot of people happy!


Our first dummy spitter of 2019 was Angie Salmon. Her walk off cost her a $20 fine.


The 2019 Pink Bag shirts have arrived and are now for sale for $60 in the proshop


Some great news for the Annual Pink Bag Day to be held in November. There will be a $10,000 hole in one prize on the 14th to the 15th green. Yes, you read that correctly.... 

YOU CAN WIN $10,000!!!!

Welcome to Jeff Sagan who has just joined the Pink Bag Club. We would also like to welcome one of our Junior Members, Tomas Pritchard to the Pink Bag Club. It is so great to see the young golfers supporting us in raising awareness and money for Prostate Cancer Research. 


If anyone else would like to join the club, all you have to do is see Hans Jebbink.


Remember to give your prostate the finger! It could save your life