Pink Bag Update July 2019


Hello to all Pink Baggers.


There are now 139 financial members of the Pink Bag Club. Welcome to new members, James Wirth, Shane Reeve, Mark Nash and Brendan Kronk.


There have been 51 fines handed out so far this year for the worst scores. With Tony Timmins becoming a very regular contributor, keep up the good work Tony.


The gold coin donation tin is going along ok, but could be doing better. Remember if you have a spare gold coin in your pocket or golf bag feel free to drop it in the donation tin. The donation tin is located on the right hand side of the scoreboard.


We still have a number of Pink Bag Shirts remaining in the proshop for sale. We need to sell the remaining shirts to make a profit out of these. You don't have to be a Pink Bag member to purchase a shirt, so tell your friends or buy one for a relative. 


The scoreboard has now been updated and your name might be in a slightly different spot.


That is it for this month, and remember.... GIVE YOUR PROSTATE THE FINGER!