Pink Bag Update - January 2019



Hello to all Pink Baggers and welcome to 2019!


Congratulations again to everyone for their efforts in raising $8000 for the prostate cancer foundation,


The Pink Bag will officially kick off on Wednesday 16th January so make sure you bring your A Game. 


We already have 15 new members for 2019 including Donna Porter and Debbie Matheson. Welcome to the Pink Bag ladies and thank you for supporting Men's Prostate Cancer, your help is greatly appreciated.


If you have a spare gold coin please feel free to put it in the donation tin located on the right-hand side of the score board. Last year $764 was collected in coins from the donation tin. 




Ross Burge is polishing up Australian Pennies at a cost of $5 again this year. If you would like one with your birth date (pre 1966) or as a ball marker, please see Hans or Ross. 



The new shirts for 2019 will be here early in the year..


Once again our wonderful sponsors from last year, Mark Schutters (Dickensons Financial Services) and Geoff Rees (The Power Source) have come on board again in 2019. A huge thank you to these people for their continued support of this great cause. 


All members from last year will have their names put back up on the board in 2019. If you do not wish to participate this year, just simply rub your name out. 


I wish all Pink Bagers the best in 2019 and hope you have lots of fun out playing with a bit of banter around the scoreboard at the end of the day. 


Let's see if we can raise more than we did in 2018. 

Remember to give your Prostate the Finger..... It could save your life!