Pink Bag Update - April 2019



Hello to all Pink Baggers,


Welcome to Adam Hobbs and Paul Flynn who have just joined the Pink Bag Club. With these recent members joining, the club now has 130 paid up members which is a fantastic effort!


There are a few people who's names are on the board currently which still need to pay Hans their $20 joining fee. If you could please pay Hans or the Proshop this as soon as possible. If you wish to no longer be a part of the Pink Bag Club just rub your name off the board. 


We would like to recognise a few members of the club who are not members of the Pink Bag Club but insist on donating towards Prostate Cancer Research anyway:


- Ian Wells

- Ian Charman

- Lex Kimlin

- Guy Ferguson


Thank you very much for your generosity and support of this wonderful cause!


So far in 2019 we have issued out 25 fines with 7 people being unfortunate enough to receive multiple fines! It might be time to see a professional for a lesson or 4.....


That is it for this month


Remember to give your prostate the finger, it could save your life!