Pink Bag Update - April 2018



Hello Pink Baggers and welcome to our update for April. 


Well the good news is that we now have 128 financial members of the Pink Bag Club for 2018 which is a wonderful achievement. There would be many golf clubs across the country that would be envious of these numbers. We have distributed most of the shirts now that were pre-ordered but there are still a few to collect. So if you ordered one please make contact with the Pro Shop on your next visit and they will kindly take your $50 and give you the shirt which has been well received. 


Just a friendly reminder that if you have some loose change in your pocket then the donation tin on the right hand side of the leaderboard is the perfect place to lighten your pockets. 


In the last month Scott Ferris became a mltiple pink bag winner which he wore with pride. 


Last week we had 3 winners tie for the Pink Bag with an unuually high score of 28 points. So the message to all members is that you should never give up and keep trying to the 18th hole as you never know what might be the day's lowest score and it might just save you $10. 


Thanks for all of your continued support. 


The Pink Bag Scribe