Membership Special - March

Drive into Membership in 2020 with FREE cart hires

Join Carbrook Golf Club in January and receive FREE Cart hires to get your membership off to a bang. With the hot summer weather riding around the course in comfort will be a treat and a great way to enjoy the course.

How many cart hires are included?

Depending on the category you choose you will receive the following:

7 Day – 5 cart hires

6 day – 4 cart hires

5 Day – 3 cart hires

Intermediate 1 or 2 – 2 cart hires

Carts can cost up to $40 to give you an understanding of the value of this deal…

How much does it cost to join?

Our membership offer is calculated based on your start date to the end of September being the end of our financial year. So joining in January will see you pay for 9 months membership. Our Membership pricing page has all the information on our categories and how much they cost per month. Just multiply these by 9 if you are joining in January as an example.

Still have a question? 

Call our dedicated Membership Manager Angus now on 3287 6499 (opt 2) or email us at and ask how you can become a member of our great club….