Holden Scramble



Friday 27 May 2016 - 12pm Shotgun Start


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Rules for the Holden Scramble

Regional Finals


Costs to play Carbrook event

Members - $35 / Visitors - $45


Phone: 3287 6499 / Members online available

More Info

Tony Di Tommaso (Carbrook Head Professional)


Holden - $550 Cashback Offer 

Remember there are handicap restrictions for your team:

The maximum GA Handicap is 36.4 for males and 45.4 for females. The maximum Daily Handicap is 36 for males and 45 for females. The four team members' aggregate GA Handicap must total at least 32.0. The maximum aggregate GA Handicap is 112.0. The maximum aggregate GA Handicap for the Women's Only Holden Scramble is 132.0 A maximum of two single figure handicap (9.9 or less) players based on individual’s GA Handicap are allowed in each team on the day of the Local/District Event.