General Managers Update - November 2018


Its hard to believe we almost half way through November and only 7 weeks until Christmas. If you are like me and I’m sure you are, this time of the year is just hectic with everything going on, however its one of my favorite times of the year.


Golf Course

There is a bit going on with the golf course as no doubt many of you will be aware. Next week is green renovations time and that means our legendary greens will be a little ordinary for a few weeks while they go in for the annual service. Many people see our greens in great condition and wonder why we then go and rip them up through the renovation process. My analogy for this is its just like getting your car serviced. You could go without the scheduled servicing on the car and you will probably be ok for a while. Then you will probably have some major dramas just when you least expect them. So bare with us, the greens will be average for a few weeks but they will be back to their best in no time. We rarely have any issues on our greens (touch wood) and this is largely due to our maintenance program.


14th tee

You will note that there is a fair bit of work progressing on the 14th tee as we completely redo this area. The red tee has been enlarged and stolonised and is growing in nicely. The rear tee is well underway and you will note the right hand side is being retained which will give the tee a much wider area and will also hold the level rather than the crowning affect that has happened over the last 20 years. Eventually when we are ready we will close the back area, fill and level the tee and then grass that area with stolons. It should all be back in play in February. It will be great to have this tee which has been the worst area of our course brought up to standard.


Australian Open

I am personally looking forward to heading down to Sydney this weekend in preparatuion for the Australian Open which will be held at The Lakes Golf Club. For those of you that have been here for a few years you might remember Andrew Kirkman who was the General Manager at Carbrook from 2003- 2005. Andrew is now the GM at The Lakes and looking forward to the opportunity of being involved with his first Australian Open. My role will be as a Rules Official for the week and this will be my 13th Australian Open. It’s a highlight of the year for me to be involved and no doubt Golf Australia and their team will deliver another outstanding event.


PGA Championship at Royal Pines

For those of you that have never attended a Professional Tournament I would encourage you to get down to RACV Royal Pines for the PGA Championship from the 29 November – 2 December. This is our chance to see some of the best Australian and international players on our doorstep. Seeing these guys in the flesh and the way they strike the ball makes you really appreciate their skills and talent.


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Club AGM

On Tuesday 4 December the Club will holding its Annual General Meeting from 7pm. It’s a busy time for everyone but for us an essential part of our requirements to present our reports for the year ending 30 September 2018. All members are very welcome to attend.

Please book on our timesheet so we know you are coming. 


Carbrook, St Andrews and Augusta! 

A few weeks ago we appeared in the Sunday Mail. I was slightly suprised with the other Clubs we are now being compared to. Certainly the first time I have seen our Club's name in the same sentence as the other two... 

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Pink Bag Golf Day – 30 November

Don’t forget to block out the afternoon of Friday 30 November for the Club;’s unofficial Christmas Party with the Pink Bag Golf Day. Bookings are now open. The cost will be $45 walking and $60 riding with some great prizes lined up for the day.


Back to a PGA Professional

This last week I was reinstated as a PGA Professional. Many of you would be unaware however I completed my PGA Traineeship under Tony Di Tommaso in 1999 and became a PGA member in 2000. I didn’t keep my PGA membership however and have been an amateur for the last 13 years. It was always something I regretted so I have gone through a reinstatement process and am now back as a PGA member, albeit with some catch up education in front of me. So hopefully our members are in good hands now with 5 PGA members working at our Club.


PGA's Qld Manager Broc Greenhalgh and myself


That’s it from me this month. If you are heading to The Lakes or Royal Pines I look to seeing you there.


Scott Wagstaff

General Manager