General Managers Update - February 2019



As we have now got the kids back to school and life is back into a bit more of a routine I hope you had an enjoyable festive season and hopefully enjoyed some golf. The course has been playing exceptionally well and whilst there is no doubt its been a bit dry around the edges due to the lack of rain, you only have to visit and talk to some other Clubs that are really struggling and hoping for rain to really appreciate our course through these tougher times.


Membership keeps thriving

Our Membership continues to grow with 47 new members joining our Club since the 1st January. Its been an incredible growth period these last 6 months and welcome to everyone who has just joined. A question I often get asked is what is our target number of members? The answer is that we don’t have a target number. It really comes to down to the variety of membership categories that we offer. There is a possibility that we will need to limit our Saturday based categories in the next 1-2 years if we continue to grow at the current rate, however there will still be plenty of room through the week so this would not close. Its something we will monitor, but the situation where our members are missing out on a game is something that we will do our best to avoid.


Summer Cup

Congratulations to Peter Mayo who won the Men’s Summer Cup recently on a countback from Jeff Bailey. Deb Mackenroth defeated her daughter Melissa Mason by two shots to take out the Women’s Summer Cup

Full details


Championships Handbook

After a lot of work over 6 months we have released our Championships Handbook which has superseded the Conditions for these events previously listed in the fixture book. We took this opportunity to create some consistent Rules for our major events, and also to be very thorough which was harder to do with the space limitations of the fixture book.

The Championships Handbook can be downloaded from our website and will be a reference point leading into each major event.

Download now


Fixture Book

The Club’s 2019 Fixture Book has now been finalised and the online version is available on the website. The printed version will be here very shortly and when it arrives we will make sure that you can gran your copy from the Pro Shop and the Clubhouse.

Download now

New Local Rule for a ball Out of Bounds or Lost

Angus and I recorded a few videos recently to help our members understand some of the recent rules changes. One thing that we weren’t clear enough on was the new Local Rule providing an additional option should your ball be out of bounds or lost in the General area of play. Its important to note that this new option imposes a two shot penalty so in the case your ball goes out of bounds and you select this option, you will be playing your 4th shot after dropping. We have re-recorded the explanation anyway to help.



Green Renovations

In his report Brett has talked about the green renovations which are coming up on the 4th and 5th March. Don’t worry – its just a minor reno so the greens will be back to a high standard within a week or two after.


Birthday Cards

I have an apology to make. Many members will be know that I have taken great pride in writing a personalised birthday card to each and every member over the last 5 years. One of the challenges I have had now our Club is well over 900 members is keeping up with this job and I’m sorry to say but I lost the battle. We are now using an email service so I apologise to those of you that I missed. It was something I really enjoyed doing and whilst an email is not anywhere near as personal as the card I hope you will understand and forgive me.


Enjoy your Club and course and we look forward to catching up soon.


Scott Wagstaff

General Manager