Dress Regulations

While Carbrook is a relatively relaxed Golf Club, as a members owned facility it also retains some reasonable dress regulations. 

These are:


  • Neat, smart, casual wear is required at all times
  • Designer Jeans and shorts
  • Shirts without collars
  • Shirts may be worn outside the waistband and must be at least short sleeved
  • Covered footwear without socks and dress sandals (ladies may have open shoes)


  • Hat apparel (gentlemen) of any kind within the Clubhouse
  • Torn, ripped or soiled clothing
  • Singlets or sleeveless shirts
  • Shirts with inappropriate slogans
  • Swimsuits or beach apparel
  • Thongs

These standards are set for the betterment of the Club and it would be appreciated if you can adhere to these rules whilst at the Club. 


Animals and Pets

Please note that animals and pets are not permitted on the golf club's property with the exception of assistance dogs. 


The Board of Directors