Course Update - October 2017


So about 2 weeks ago we were praying for rain. Now we are praying for it to stop. How funny it is when we talk about weather – rarely does it provide us with exactly what we want, however the reality is we can’t affect it so we just have to take what Mother Nature serves up and do our best.


We have received approximately 130mm this last week which the course has handled brilliantly. A couple of wet spots but that is to be expected, and generally the course stayed firm and is now looking lush, healthy and green. In fact we never had to call off the carts which is a good sign on how the course has been. Lets just hope that this rain doesn’t hang around too long and we can get on with it.


Course Projects

We are currently very busy with a couple of significant projects. The building of a Tees and Green Nursery, as well as the resurfacing of the 2nd green. While the Nurseries are a major project I am particularly excited about where this will put us long term. Currently we are at the mercy of the turf industry and their ability to supply the grass we need when we need it. What we have discovered is that this puts us at risk. To counteract this we will develop a 450m2 green nursery with our Tifdwarf grass that will allow us to complete any future green upgrades and or repairs.


With the tees nursery this will also mean that we will have a supply for any future tees upgrades which is another area we can improve on when you look at the 14th tee for example.


2nd Hole

As many of you know the 2nd hole will close this Thursday as we prepare to fully renovate the hole including a green resurfacing, bunker reshaping and a full tee renovation. Initially the green is the major part of the project and as this is now the 4th green we have built or resurfaced in the last 6 years we are always learning and those experiences have proved invaluable. With the hole out of play we are also taking the opportunity to redo the bunkering and the teeing area so when the hole reopens in March next year it should be a much improved version.


Green Renovations

So apart from these projects we also have our annual maintenance of the greens with the major renovations taking place on the 13th and 14th November. The course will be closed for these two days. We will undergo a core, scarify and then top dressing of the greens to get them ready for the next year ahead. It’s also a vital process considering the silt that affected 11 of the 19 greens in April is still an issue.


Here is a video we recorded a couple of years ago that gives you an insight into the process we go through. 



This week was a great test for our newly renovated bunkers. With 26 completed this year following the flood it was great to see them all draining. There are still 6 to go and these will be completed next year. What this does mean though is less time for our staff spent pumping bunkers after rain and more on course preparation. Plus when it rains you won't find 30 flooded bunkers out there. 



You may see a few men and women out there in Blue shirts these days. The volunteers we have on our team allow the staff to take on these extra projects and we are very grateful for their assistance. They are out there volunteering their own time for the betterment of the Carbrook Golf Club, so please if you see then out there give the a wave and say thanks.


That’s it from me.


Enjoy the course especially before the 13th November.


Brett Thomson

Course Superintendent