Course Update - May 2018


May is here and the weather has changed with the cooler nights and milder days. We had a little bit of rain recently however generally speaking the course is now in great condition as we head into the winter.



Early tee times now a bit later

The sun is getting up a bit later now as well and with the later sunrise we have pushed our starting time back from 5am to 5:30am. While we are still starting out in the dark, we do ask that members respect the first tee times as per the booking sheets from the 1st tee which allows our team to get out on the course and prepare it for the days play. 


Help us with the weeds

You will note that we hand poison some weeds on the course and this creates a small dead area when the weed dies. What would be great is if the members treated these areas the same way you would a divot and just fill them with sand. That way when the couch grass grows back over it is nice and smooth, plus it gives the couch something to grow into.



3rd and 6th holes

You will have noticed that we have done some work primarily on the 3rd and 6th holes where we have backfilled some large sink holes and then turfed them. This was a significant job for us both in fill and turf but the results when these areas have repaired will be worth it. They won’t now hold water as they did so they will drain after heavy rain and should keep these fairways in good condition. They are GUR while they grow in which should take 6-8 weeks.

6th hole fairway


Green Speed

Our greens are sitting around the 9.5 – 10 feet mark and from all reports are a great speed now. The 2nd green is obviously a little slower as it doesn’t quite have the maturity yet to handle the lower cutting heights so we manage this one slightly differently.


The cooler months means we spend less time on mowers and more on projects which we are looking forward to. Its our chance to get all of those jobs we have been wanting to get done. One of the major ones is the rest of the bunkers that we didn’t fully renovate after the floods. We will start working on these in late May.


That’s it from me this month. Hope you are enjoying the stripey fairways ;-)


Brett Thomson