Course Update - February 2019


Finally we have had some rain. It was an incredibly dry January with only 2mm received which considering our average rainfall is 128mm it does confirm what we have been through is remarkably dry. Fortunately our Club has the luxury of recycled water and we don’t need to capture water like other Clubs who would be really struggling at the moment. I know of some that ate buying in water and can only afford to irrigate tees and greens, something fortunately we don’t have to worry about.


New 14th Tee

Those of you that played the January Shark Lake Challenge would have got a bit of a surprise as we opened the new 14th tee for one day. I was pretty happy with how the turf had taken and after a chat with the GM we thought it would be nice to use the tee for the Shark Lake. After that we have let it rest and we have a little more to do before we open properly but its looking fantastic.


The shorter tee which has been in use is getting a good workout and gong really well. You may have noticed the new addition of a sandstone bench that was installed recently. A big thank you to the Social Club for funding it and Hans Jebbink for arranging and instralling. It is a classy addition to the 14th hole.





The greens have been travelling nicely over the last month and whilst they are never quick at this time of the year, they have been sitting around 9 feet on the Stimpmeter which is a good speed for the summer time.


Green Renovations

Members please note that the course will be closed for Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 March as we undergo our minor greens renovation for the year. This only requires a scarify of the greens and then a light dusting so they will be pretty reasonable straight after and back to their best within a couple of weeks.

Greens are just like a motor vehicle. They need regular servicing to keep performing at their best. Failure to do these regular maintenance programs only leads to problems. We are very proud of our putting surfaces and this is a part of the process to keep them at their best for the rest of the year so I hope you understand.



With some recent high tides the creeks work their way up into places that they usually don’t reach and this leaves many stagnant ponds that the mozzies thrive on. We constantly work with the Logan Council who have a team that help control the mozzies and visit our Club regularly. They did spike this week but with some work from the Council this will hopefully settle down now. One of the bonuses of having a golf course next to a mangrove system… 😉


That’s all from me. Fingers crossed for some lovely night time rain over the coming month, but not too much.


Brett Thomson