2nd Green Stolonised


The 2nd Green was stolonised on Tuesday and is on track. The Tifdwarf stolons have come from the Club’s green nursery that is now located inside the maintenance facility just to the right of the 10th hole. The stolons are effectively an individual grass plant consisting of the root, stem and leaf. These have been pulled from the nursery through a heavy scarification process. The stolons have been laid on the 2nd green and will be heavily irrigated over the coming month to get them to take and grow in their new surroundings. Over time as the plants mature they will eventually cover the entire green and provide a putting surface we are all familiar with. 



Those that have been passed the 2nd green will have seen the blanket that we have used for the first time. This blanket is used in the initial process to give the stolons a kick start. The basic premises for the blanket is that it allows the penetration of water through thousands of holes but assists growth by retaining moisture and keeping soil temperatures high – both key elements in giving the stolons a head start. 


It also reduces the impact that a heavy deluge would have and potential for wash outs, and also prevents contamination from birds. 


The blanket will remain for 1-2 weeks when it is then removed. Work continues on the tee area which has been reshaped and enlarged. Other areas that will be upgraded include the front greenside bunker and the path from tee to green. 


If you have any questions please pop into the office and see the General Manager who will be happy to help.